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Looking for accurate title research in Michigan? We offer a variety of affordable property title report & records search services for real estate in Michigan.

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At Title Report of Michigan, we have search and reporting coverage for all counties in Michigan. Our huge network of experienced title abstractors ensures quick turn-around time for your title reports.

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Looking for liens or judgments upon a specific person or entity? Have property in consideration for commercial development? Our Michigan real estate title examiners perform an assortment of title search and title report services. Reach out and see what we can do for you.

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Title Report of Michigan has been a trusted provider of property research for almost 30 years. We currently service clients throughout the state, and are able to provide research coverage for every county in Michigan. So, regardless of where your property lies, we can guarantee our work will be accurate. We established Title Report of Michigan because we saw that there was a need in the state for a single company that provided reliable title searches for the entire state; not just a few counties. Our network of abstractors enables us to ensure quick turnarounds for your reports, and our in-field researchers make sure that any all relevant documents are included.

Our clients include various departments of federal and state government agencies, some of the largest insurers in the country, environmental professionals, banks and realty investors of all sizes. With decades of experience in title research, our mission is to provide title solutions that are comprehensive, accurate, and to have the results in your hands ahead of schedule. We've put infrastructure in place to help guarantee accuracy and timely delivery, and our numbers prove it. More than eighty five percent (85%) of our Chain of Title reports are delivered within 5 business days, and ninety percent (90%) of Environmental Lien reports and Current Owner searches are delivered within three.

To optimize turnaround time on our line of services, we rely upon our proprietary software to handle things like property identification, order routing and quality checks on the finished product prior to delivery. When an order is entered into the system via the client portal, the data provided instantly IDs additional search criteria such as current owner, parcel ID, legal description and other relevant property details. All of this helps provide a better user experience for you, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve your title needs.

If you can't find the exact product you're looking for, we have knowledgeable representatives waiting to field your questions. Customized solutions are available to suit your needs, so call today. Thank you for visiting Title Report of Michigan! Call us at:


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Choose from Michigan certified abstractor services offering title reports, Michigan deed copies, current owner research, chain of title report, and Michigan real estate lien searches.

Choose your Michigan Property Report

    • Official property title report completed by a Certified Title Examiner.
    • Copies of all referenced open documents.
    • Instruments will show lien and mortgage amounts, recording dates, and county recording stamps.
  • Price: $225.00
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    • A copy of the current deed instrument only, which provides name(s) of the current recorded owner.
  • Price: $75.00
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